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kaolinit: clay mineral type
kár (Ptk. szerint)
kárfelelősség (Ptk. 5:505-506. §)
Karl Fischer titration
analytical method for coulometric determination of water in chemicals, formulations, composites, developed by Karl Fischer (1901-1958) German chemist. Iodine formed on the Platinum electrode reacts with water and sulfur dioxide. Each iodine molecule reacts with one water molecule. The reaction has high accuracy and selectivity, useful for determination of trace amounts of water as well as of materials with high water content. No need of special sample preparation. The method has good reproducibility and suitable for automation.
káronszerzés tilalma

the karst is an underground or above ground landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite in the cavity of which water is circulating. The water source is generally rain water infiltrated from the surface. The karstification of a landscape may result in a variety of large or small scale features both on the surface and beneath. Karst landforms are generally the result of mildly acidic water acting on soluble bedrock such as limestone or dolostone. The carbonic acid that causes these features is formed as rain passes through the atmosphere picking up CO2, which dissolves in the water. The karst has an important role is the formation and transmission on mineral waters. In Hungary for example the rain water infiltrated through the karst surface of the Northern mountains supply partly the drinking water in the wells of the Great Hungarian Plain area.

karst water
kártérítés mértéke
kártérítés módja
a refined petroleum distillate intermediate in volatility between gasoline and gas oil. Its distillation range generally falls within the limits of 145 and 300°C. Its main use is as a jet engine fuel.
kétharmados törvény

conversion of kilogram to other mass units:

kilogramsavoirdupois drams564.383 4
kilogramsavoirdupois ounces35.273 962
kilogramsavoirdupois pounds2.204 622 622
kilogramslong tons0.000 984 2
kilogramsmetric tons0.001
kilogramsshort hundredweights0.022 046 23
kilogramsshort tons0.001 102 31
kilogramstroy ounces32.150 75
kilogramstroy pounds2.679 229

conversion of kilometer:

kilometersstatute miles0.621 371 192
kilometers, squareacres247.105 38
kilometers, squarehectares100
kilometers, squaresquare meters1,000,000
kilometers, squarestatute miles0.386 102 16
kimentés fokozott veszéllyel járó tevékenységért való felelősség alól
knowledge base

a knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledge management, providing the means for the computerized collection, organization, and retrieval of knowledge. Also a collection of data representing related experiences, their results are related to their problems and solutions.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_base

környezetvédelmi jog kialakulása
Kow - octanol-water partition coefficient